Kinzel Industries is a family-run Australian window and door manufacturer with over twenty five years experience. We offer the most cost-effective, well constructed, insulated and environmentally-friendly window’s and doors in Australia.

Our promise will always be, the highest quality for the longest time. We also strive to provide the most energy efficient and aesthetically pleasing high value uPVC double glazed windows and doors on the market. Our windows and doors are of the highest quality and guarantee the best performance with the lowest ongoing maintenance overheads.

Whether you are building, renovating or restoring you will find within our broad range a window or door that will not only meet but exceed all of your demands. Kinzel Industries is the best choice in the market for build quality, security, energy efficiency and longevity for windows and doors.

When you factor in the rising costs of energy against the benefits of investing in double or triple-glazed windows the savings quickly become apparent. A small investment now will pay off every time you get your energy bill for the lifetime of your property.