Casement – Awning windows with integrated colonial bars

Combine the charm of traditional sash windows with the benefits of energy efficient and secure modern double glazed casement windows with integrated colonial bars. Colonial bars are also known as glazing bars, sash bars, dividing lites or grids, they are installed between the two panes of glass, which gives you the same grid aesthetic but the windows are much easier to clean without raised pieces that collect dust.
There are two tone grids available for those customers who choose a different colour finish between the inside and outside of the building
















AluClip – Customisable to the design of your home

We often have requests from clients if we can match the colour of their existing windows/walls/roof, AluClip is a perfect solution.  AluClip is an intelligent combination of aluminium and uPVC advantages. On the outside, the clip-on aluminium cover offers limitless possibilities in colour design (powder coating or anodised), whilst on the inside, uPVC profiles ensure the optimal thermal & acoustic insulation, reliable functionality, and low maintenance.

You can have a modern, sleek look to the outside of your home while conserving the traditional clean look of uPVC on the inside. Aluminium covers can be butt joined or mitred jointed in the frame corners

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PYMBLE – Window installation, progress work

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MARRACKVILLE – Window installation, progress work

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HOMEBUSH – Remedial refurbish

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BONDI – Window installation

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ROZELLE – Window installation

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