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Choose between Tilt & Slide, Shaped, Sliding, Tilt & Turn and Fixed Windows

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Tilt & Turn Windows

Tilt & Turn windows are inward opening only, they can either tilt at the top providing excellent ventilation while maintaining security and safety, or can open sideways like a regular hinged windows allowing easy access for cleaning.

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Tilt & Turn windows are our most popular as they achieve highest results for energy efficiency, air tightness, water resistance and sound control. This design offers security, good ventilation, ease of cleaning and compressed gaskets for structural integrity and stability. Multi-point locking bolts system provides maximum security resistance against forced entry. Tilt & turn windows are perfect for multi-storey buildings.


70mm frame depth
5 chambered profile for optimum thermal and sound insulation
Steel reinforcement for maximum structural performance, security and durability
Double sied EPDM gasket sealing to ensure no water and air leakage
Fully internal beading for enhanced security
Available in wide range of colours
High-security multi-point locking
Profiles are extruded using environmentally friendly lead-free calcium-zinc stabilisers.
Glazing options include double glazing or triple glazing up to 38mm IGU
Flyscreens two option: aluminium frame fixed screen or retractable screens
Our window systems achieves a 5 star energy rating.
Optional AluStar external aluminium cladding system offers an unlimited colour range.

Lift & Slide Windows

The Lift and Slide Window/Door is engineered for extra large openings to offer unobstructed views, seamless indoor-outdoor living, and ample natural light all without compromising our signature ease of operation, security and performance.

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Our Lift and Slide doors / windows offer the biggest expanses of ‘moving wall of glass’. The lift and slide door features advanced operating hardware, a simple 180 degree turn of the handle, unlocks the door and gently lifts up the entire door out of it seal, and it can then glides along with ease.

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows slide open across a fixed panel, they are ideal for homes that require space saving. Sliding window offer maximum ventilation in the fully open position.

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French Windows

French Window is an elegant and practical way to let in a stream of light and fresh air into your home opening both sashes at 180 degrees or if desired unlocking only one side of the French window in tilt or turn position, while the other side remains securely locked.

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Our French Door / Window is an elegant and practical way to open up you living area and allow wide access to the outside. French doors can be supplied in open IN or open OUT configuration to meet specific requirements and are available in a variety of options.

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Tilt & Slide Windows

Have an operable sash that tilts inwards at the top for ventilation. The tilting sash can also slide horizontally past the fixed section providing an open area without any intrusions on indoor or outdoor area.

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Shaped Windows

Kinzel Industries can tailor manufacture windows to every architectural requirement. Shaped windows allow you to create a unique architectural style all your own.

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Fixed Windows

Our fixed windows are a the most cost effective way of capturing natural light and views into a space without compromising thermal efficiency and acoustic insulation. Fixed windows cannot be opened.

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Best energy efficiency ratings

High quality

Longest quarantee in the business

Highest security components

Extreme weather protection

Lowest maintenance requirements

A huge selection of varying styles

Massive range
of colors

Skilled custom

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by Kinzel Industries.



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Kinzel Industries is a family-run window and door manufacturer with over twenty five years experience

Tilt & Turn

Lift & Slide



Tilt & Slide

  • Highest Star Energy Efficiency
  • Flexible design
  • Multi-point locking for enhanced security
  • Wide spaces, no barriers
  • Simple effortless operation
  • Step free low threshold
  • Space saving
  • Great for air circulation and panoramic views
  • Sash slides smoothly and quietly
  • Full opening, no middle section disturbance
  • Maximum ventilation
  • Either inward or outward opening
  • Space saving design
  • Extremely energy efficient
  • Offers superior sound insulation
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